Cutting Edge Apparel Intelligence

Fibretronic is the world’s leading supplier of wearable electronics. From textile heating systems to audio controls, wearable lighting and more, Fibretronic combines cutting edge technology with an innovation-led approach to develop revolutionary new product at the forefront of the wearable electronics industry.

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Heating Components

Fibretronic utilizes their best-in-class, fabric based HEATwear technology to create apparel heating systems for a variety of applications including cold weather outerwear, gloves, footwear, wetsuits, motorcycle/snowmobile garments and protective clothing.

Audio Control Components

Fibretronic has developed a standard range of wearable audio and entertainment controls for iPhone, iPod and the most widely used smartphone and MP3 devices. Fibretronic’s CONNECTEDwear controllers can be integrated in a broad range of apparel and accessories to operate music and phone call functions, together with washable earphones and speakers.

Wearable Lighting

Fibretronic leverages high brightness LED technology to develop technical lighting systems, modules, and switches that are used in jackets, sportswear, safety and protective clothing, backpacks, gloves, and running and cycling apparel for nighttime visibility and safety.

Custom Apparel Technology Solutions

Fibretronic’s expert research and development team also designs and engineers custom solutions for a wide variety of wearable electronic applications. Examples include sensor technologies, medical and therapeutic devices, signal and power transport systems, industrial garments.