Our Process

The world's top retail brands choose The Zabin Group because of our end-to-end, comprehensive approach to apparel branding. We simplify the apparel embellishment process by providing clients with a single point of contact to manage their entire retail branding system, from design through product development, manufacturing, and distribution.

Our process
Step 1


After reviewing the client's needs, the design team works within budget and timeline to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution. Materials and techniques are taken into consideration to meet product requirements while delivering a luxury, high-end look.

Step 2


After conceptual design, our dedicated account managers work with the development team to identify product needs and requirements. We then recommend the most cost-effective, yet high quality materials and processes.

Step 3


After design and prototyping, we manufacture all product at our Zabin-owned factories and warehouses in China, working closely with our Hong Kong office.

Step 4


Finally, we leverage our global infrastructure, comprised of distribution centers in Hong Kong, India, North and South America, to deliver our customer's finished product to every corner of the globe.