Swim Hardware

Project Overview

Oakely’s Canadian swimwear licensee, Trimera Group, approached the Zabin Hong Kong office, to develop silicon coated hardware. This provided us an opportunity to work with a well-established company, who was not as experienced in metal products, due to the minimal use in most swimwear. Providing metal products that will stand up to use, in chlorinated pools and salt water, requires special production techniques.

The challenge was to develop a full range of eyelets, the Oakley hook, the Oakley ring, cord tips, rivets and burrs, and the ellipse trim, in a range of current fashion colors, including neons. The silicon color matching was the most difficult, and required several fine tunings in order to create the colors desired by Trimera’s design staff.

With a name and reputation like Oakley, nothing can be left to chance. Swimwear has a unique set of challenges, and when paired with excellence in design and function, the finished product exceeded expectations for Trimera, Oakely and Zabin.