Metal (Fasteners and Embellishments)

Whether you require a high fashion button design or a utilitarian, hard working, long lasting button, it's all one and the same with AZI. We have the types and styles that fit all your requirements. Based on your application demands, Zabin has just the fastener you need. Zabin manufactures many types of buttons, snaps, rivets/burrs and more. One of these products will offer the advantages to make it the right choice for your fastener needs. We have the strength behind the image to support your fastener needs. Our staff is capable, ready and willing to support your requirements with quality products, fashionable designs, technically advanced attaching equipment, competitive pricing and personalized service.

• Materials include alloy, steel, stainless steel, brass, and nylon
• Over 100 plating options
• Products range from snaps, button, and burrs
• Sizes range from 12L to 42L
• Unique and innovative design

With our own metal facility we are able to control the quality of product and consistently develop new and exciting products. Whether we are stamping or molding, we have the ability to provide decorative and technical pieces to help promote the design and functionality